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Web design + Online strategy … because your website is more than a pretty online brochure.

If you don’t have a website – one that shouts out who you are, what you stand for, and how you can help those people you were meant to serve – then you are missing out on a virtual storefront that is open 24/7. But I can help you change that!

YOU are busy creating, coaching, healing, helping, designing (the work that you really LOVE to do), and this techy stuff is just not your sweet spot (or maybe you just don’t have the confidence…yet) – then I’ve got you covered.

I help solopreneurs and business owners create (or update) their own websites with ease, confidence and style so you can lose that website shame and get found online.

Want to grow your email list, connect with your tribe, and not feel burnt out creating endless social media posts and blogs? I can help with that too!

Let’s make a PLAN that makes content creation easier (hello repurposing!) and puts your client-attraction on auto-pilot with opt-ins and email marketing systems done-for-you!

Plus I can set up personalized, automated systems to do the heavy lifting for you. Not only your website (because that is actually a system too), but your email marketing, webinar setup, social media posting calendar and graphics.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey!

{Leaving you feeling less overwhelmed and with more time to chill out with your family, or take Fridays off to relax at the beach with your girlfriends.}

“My new website design feels so me! The photos, the design elements. Perfect combination of friendly and professional.”

I’ve learned that there is so much to think about when creating a website. It’s not just a design, it’s how pages or blog posts lead to one another. It’s online security, and keeping things up to date. Now I understand that design is just one element!

Angelique’s tutorial videos and step by step instructions for each part of my website make it easy for me to create my own blog posts and update my web pages myself, and I like that I can refer back to them for a refresher.

Thanks Angelique! I couldn’t have done this without your help.

Shelley Kvamme-MacDonald, CPA, AccountantInKelowna.com

How can I help you?

On-Demand TrainingS + Canva design templates over in my online shop

Self-paced courses + Canva design templates that will save you time, effort and ditch the overwhelm. Check out the online shop to get instant access to the training videos or Canva template bundles! Ooh yes, let’s see ’em!

Web Design

Feeling overwhelmed with your unfinished website? Not sure how to put together all the website  + client attracting pieces?  Ready to ditch the DIY website and look like a pro…with ease?
Custom websites + content strategy = website done for you +  a content plan so you never feel stuck.   Learn More!

On The Blog

Tips, tools + tutorials , oh my!

On the blog I talk about time-saving online tools, creating (+ repurposing!) client-attracting content, ditching overwhelm with Canva graphics templates, getting strategic with social media plan,  opt-ins that convert, and more!
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Ready to end your website shame?

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