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In the spirit of giving, and with a nod to “Oprah’s Favorite Things”, I thought I’d make my own list and share these fabulous finds with you.

I’ve hand-picked a selection of my fave resources and tools for blogging, copywriting, graphic design, finding free photos + design templates, growing your business, and discovering your personal brand identity in a fun way…plus a whole lot more that you’ll discover below.

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Check out my top picks right here in this post – a hand-picked selection of business-building tools + resources on web design, branding, content creation, and my most-loved podcasts…to help you kickstart your biz in the new year!

BONUS: Create Your Own Manifesto

My popular video tutorial of step-by-step instructions how to create your OWN graphic manifesto in less than an hour – perfect as your focus for the new year, or to use on your website’s About  page! 


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To get things rolling, here is my personal gift to you:

How to create your own Manifesto – complete with video tutorial and easy step-by-step instructions.

Bright Spark I am the Hero manifesto

Creating a manifesto is a great way to focus yourself, or your business, on your goals.

So I thought this would be the perfect gift to help you manifest your best year yet!

Click the image above, or click here to for instant access to the manifesto guide… no opt-in required!

Fave Things #1-3:

Foundations of a Client Attracting Website + Brand

Fave #1 - create a brand that makes an emotional connection

If you want to be not only visible but memorable, your branding needs to be consistent across your website, blog, social media, newsletters, freebies, courses, sales pages … and also offline for your business cards and other printed media.

Whether you’re a personal brand (which you are, if you’re a coach, consultant or speaker) or a small local business-owner the best way to attract dream clients is to create a brand identity that aligns with your beliefs and values, and makes an emotional connection with those you serve. Your brand is not just a logo, but the words you use and tone of voice, the colours and fonts, the design elements, and the overall “feel” that defines your brand.

One of my fave ways to uncover your brand is by taking a quiz. My friend and fellow tech geek Sarah Hart and I co-host a series of Facebook Lives all about design and websites, and she just happens to have an amazing Brand Archetype quiz that’s been used by over 20,000 people! Take the quiz right here!

Be sure to share your results in the comments, or take a pic and post on Instagram and tag me @angeliqueduffield so i can see which archetype you are (I’m air/fire).

Fave #2 - persuasive, brand-aligned copywriting

Once you’ve nailed your brand identity, you’ll have to create that emotional connection with your words on everything you write for your business including  your web pages, blog posts, sales pages, online courses, webinars, videos, Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories, and social media posts.

Free thing #1: It’s not always easy to find your voice and write persuasive copy that feels authentic and attracts your dream clients, but digital copywriter and internet wordsmith Laura Robinson from Write With Worditude has some fabulous resources to help owners with online businesses.  

Brenda Lainof | Abundance Strategist + Energy Practitioner - CLICK HERE to claim your free meditations

Fave #3 - Websites that work to attract your dream clients

When combined with a consistent, emotionally-connected brand identity (Fave Thing #1) and persuasive copywriting (Fave Thing #2), along with thoughtful web design and a strategic content plan (Fave Thing #7), your website becomes the hub of your business, working for you 24/7 as a client-attracting, lead-generating system.

There are a lot of different website options, but my favourite is WordPress which is a self-hosted content management system that is free, flexible and can grow with your business, and it’s what I use to create clean, simple,  lead-generating websites for my clients (and myself). There are so many WordPress (WP for short) themes to make your website truly feel like your cozy, personally styled online home.

You can see some examples (and happy words) of my recent client’s websites here. (Psst. Need your own client-attracting, easy to edit website? Let’s chat!)

With WordPress your website can be as simple or feature-rich as you desire, including various informational pages, blog, landing pages, sales pages, a shop or “buy now” buttons, and more. Pages or posts can be filled with images, videos, podcast players, embedded Facebook posts, and even feature gamification, messenger chatbots, or hidden password-protected content for courses, webinars, or freebies and other downloads.

Choose a clean, easy to update theme, and if you’re not familiar with code, you’ll probably want a WordPress theme that has a “building block” format or drag and drop editor. I use the Divi theme by Elegant Themes for my clients because they love that their website is easy to for them to edit, and with the help of my tutorials and videos by the theme developer, they feel confident and empowered to make changes themselves.

The important thing is to not only focus on the outside – the design, layout, lead-generation and user-friendly navigation aspects of your website – but also the back end. You’ll want to make sure your website has security monitoring, regular automatic backups, and the ability to re-install your website easily in case something goes wrong.  Often this can be achieved through WordPress plugins (they add additional features and functionality to your website) or through a web hosting package that includes those aspects as part of your monthly hosting fee (my favourite which I use myself too is Siteground’s “Grow Big” option(affiliate link).

Finally, the best way to help people discover your website is by creating content such as blog posts on a regular basis (which helps potential clients solve their problems and get to know you as the one to provide those results, as well as helping Google to find you) … and getting your content in front of your audience by sharing it on social media (Fave #8), as guest blog posts on other people’s websites, and sent out in your email newsletters.

Want to Enter the Prize Giveaway?

2 fabulous biz-building prizes to be won, and several ways to enter for a chance to win!

Fave Things #4-6: 

Design To Attract Clients

Fave #4 - gorgeous Graphic design that's easy for everyone

My fave thing when it comes to design is Canva ( ( Design has a huge impact on your brand (Fave #1) and is reflected in so many aspects of your marketing.  I learned design back in the 1990’s while studying for my photography diploma (back in the film and darkroom days!) and started with Photoshop 2.5 (before there were layers, actions, revert to previous history, etc). Photoshop is still one of my go-to tools, but for most of my social media posts and website graphics I love the ease and convenience of Canva (affiliate link)!

Even with the free version of Canva you get lots of pre-designed, professional looking templates for practically any size format, from newsletters and ebooks, to social media posts, ad graphics and cover photos. You also get easy access to free and paid stock photos (more on that in Fave #7).

In Canva’s reasonably priced business version you get more stock photos and design elements for free, can upload your own brand colours, fonts and logo, export designs as animated gifs, and (my fave) is magic resize to change from one format instantly to a new format (with just a little tweaking) so you can repurpose your images for different places.

I’ve created several short Canva tutorial videos that you can watch:  a short, thorough 15-min Canva overview video – even though I refer to speaker one-sheets you can use it to design anything), and a 7-min video for batching your graphics creation to save time. And of course you could follow the Create Your Manifesto tutorial video (my bonus gift to you) and make your manifesto in Canva too. 

Fave #5 - Stock photo resources

Whatever graphics you’re creating for your business (Fave #4) you’ll need to first have a solid brand identity (Fave #1), then find some photos to create eye-catching, scroll-stopping images.

I highly recommend using some photos of yourself, since YOU are the face of your brand. Then find stock photos to create other graphics for your blog posts, website, sales pages, opt-in freebies, ebooks, social media posts… well, you get the idea.

If you are already using Canva (Fave #4) then you already have access to free and reasonably priced stock photos.

General Stock Libraries

Specialty Stock Libraries with feminine styled stock and mockups 

  • Stock By Jewels – membership and stock photo collections for REAL female entrepreneurs in theri 40s and beyond. Get a free mini collection of stock photos!
  • Styled Stock Society* – another of my go-to membership sites with a solid collection of ethnically diverse images (typically soft and feminine imagery) plus Canva templates and more. They also have a spotlight feature to highlight different members each month. (affiliate link)
  • She Bold Stock* – One of my favourite all-round quality feminine stock membership sites! BONUS join the quarterly plan and save 10% with coupon code Take10 for feminine styled stock with easy to use search filters and image collections, plus bonus tutorial videos and planning PDFs, Canva templates, quotes, and an active Facebook community! Includes a good mix of ethnically diverse business and general images (decor, flatlays, women hanging out, etc)  (affiliate link)

Brenda Lainof | Abundance Strategist + Energy Practitioner - CLICK HERE to claim your free meditations

Pro Tip:  In addition to using keywords when you search for images (ie. happy woman on laptop, or blue watercolour background), try to narrow your search results by setting filters such as horizontal or vertical only, photos or illustrations only (or videos!), specific colour range, or specific gender or ethnicity.

Each photo library will have different filter options, and some include pre-made collections of popular image categories.

Brenda Lainof | Abundance Strategist + Energy Practitioner - CLICK HERE to claim your free meditations

 Slide Carnival (free) – Use these free presentation slide templates (that can also be used for ebooks and opt-in freebies, as above) for Google Slides, which is a free version of Microsoft PowerPoint or Mac’s Keynote, and now free presentation templates for Canva too. You can choose different styles, from creative, playful or inspirational, to business and formal.

Etsy is another place to find blog/website branding kits, social media templates,  custom fonts, logos, and other gorgeous design elements and graphics. It is a little more challenging to browse in Etsy because it’s a crafters marketplace too, so you’ll have to be patient and search. 



Fave #6 - Design Elements and Template resources

So, you’ve started to create your graphics (Fave #4) and sourced some amazing photos (Fave #5), but what about tying in all of your graphics so they feel aligned to your brand (Fave #1) and add a little pizzazz?

Or what if you don’t want to start from scratch when you are planning out the look of your new website, but you still want it to feel “like you” yet be beautiful AND cohesive? Or what if you are about to do a webinar or presentation, but just don’t have time to make all of your slides look gorgeous AND professional?

Solution? Head over and grab these fabulous design templates to get started fast!

Resources (free + paid) for blog/website branding kits, ebooks, presentations, worksheets, social media graphics, and more:

Canva Templates*  (affiliate link)- a good selection of both free and paid design templates. My faves are Infographics, Worksheets, and  Presentations (which are co-ordinated, multi-page templates to use for ebooks, opt-in freebies, webinars, presentations/PowerPoint slides). You can also refine your search to different purposes or types. And of course Canva* became known for their social media graphics and layout templates in all shapes and sizes.

Creative Market (purchase, not free) has an extensive range of graphics (including icons, backgrounds, and mockups), stock photos, and templates. I’ve used their Presentations templates for ebooks and webinars/presentations. For social media, I tend to use Canva most, but I sometimes use Creative Market for social media templates if I’m looking for a quick bundle of brand-aligned social media templates that works with a client’s new web design. One fun and time-saving discovery is animated Instagram stories templates. Here’s an example with demo video. And blog kits (aka blog branding kits or website branding kits – you’ll have to search using different keywords) are a good way to create a cohesive brand identity quickly.

Fave Things #7-12: Engaging, connecting +

creating Content to attract clients

Fave Thing #7 - google Suite for Organization, Communication + Collaboration

Google products touch so much of our lives, from search to YouTube (yup, Google owns YouTube), but I’m referring to the collection of productivity tools that I (and probably you) use EVERY day. Google Suite includes Gmail, Calendar and Hangouts for communication; Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms for collaboration; and Google Drive for online storage. And for local brick-and-mortar businesses, Google My Business is super important to be included in Google maps and collect reviews.

While I do have a paid Google Suite (technically, G-Suite is the paid team version account), the free Google products make my business easier and more accessible, especially since they are cloud-based which gives the ability to access my brain-dump or client notes Google Doc and my planning checklist Google Sheet (Fave Thing #8), and add appointments to my Google Calendar as I reply to emails in Gmail, whether I’m at home on my desktop or when I’m sitting in a coffee shop using the mobile app.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg (so I’ll be sharing more on that in fully dedicated blog posts coming soon!), but here are a few of my fave things (that you might not know about!) using various G-Suite tools:


  • Forward emails to my favourite most-used Gmail account then reply using any of my linked accounts.
  • Set up an out-of-office reply or automatic “canned email” responses.
  • Set up an automatic signature with my name, website, phone number, and a tip with link to your blog or video.
  • Automaticly apply labels and actions applied to any incoming emails – so I don’t miss a client email or my favourite must-read newsletters (labelled with their name, and marked as “important”) for example.

    Google Calendar 

    • My calendar has colour coded sections for meetings, task work, or personal to name just a few.
    • For client appointments, I have my G-Cal synced with my Acuity so when a client schedules an appointment it automatically gets entered in my Google Calendar, and personal appointments such as my chiropractor and massage have their own system that syncs and displays my own appointment in G-call too.  
    • If I make plans, I add it to my Calendar, and include the location (physical address) or if it’s a video call I’ll add my Zoom link as the “location” for easy access as well as setting up a reminder (notification popup or email) and send a Calendar invitation via email to other attendees too (and they can reply right from their email if they are attending).

      Google Slides  (Google’s version of PowerPoint or Keynote)

      • I use Google Slides not only for presentations but also for tutorial videos (recorded with Screenflow for Mac) or webinars/masterclasses.
      • Use a design template (like Slide Carnival from Fave Thing #6)  to create a beautiful professional-looking workbook or ebook as an opt-in freebie (Fave Thing #9).

      Fave Thing #8 - content and editorial planners

      Ooh, I’m a big planner (though sometimes I get stuck in (safe) planning mode instead of moving on to implementation (fear of being judged, it’s not ready/good enough… can you relate???).

      But in reality, planning helps with execution as well as analyzing results to make sure what you’re doing is profitable. I ask clients these questions to start: What are your core services that you offer? What do you have coming up in the next month, quarter, year? What do you love doing  (blogging vs video vs podcast)? What social networks do you love, and which of those are where your dream clients are hanging out? How much are these growing as well as how actively engaged is your audience?

      While I do love the idea of a beautiful year-long planner (I like the the little extras like inspirational photos and directional planning tips plus monthly check-in sections in the Enthusiastic Change Maker (ECM) Planner by Aim & Glow)…but I admit that my go-to system is pretty low tech and well, not conventionally organized. I typically use a combo of Google Suite tools (Fave Thing #7) including Google Drive folders (much easier to collaborate with others and I love the auto-save and view-only/comment-only sharing features) with categorized Google docs for braindumps and monthly or category topics for my blog, videos and planned tutorials or FB Lives, along with a Google Sheet to track where I’ve used what, along with Google Calendar to block out time to plan, create and implement.

      There is so much more I could say on the value of content creation for your to grow your business and attract clients… so I’ll be sharing more on that in blog posts coming soon!

      Brenda Lainof | Abundance Strategist + Energy Practitioner - CLICK HERE to claim your free meditations
      The important thing is you need SOME kind of plan, and a system to organize what’s coming up next and track your results. One of my fave content creation blogs is Your Content Empire where they share incredibly useful and in-depth blog posts as well as a free monthly content planning kit.  
      Carla Necole Williams - Click here to claim your gift
      Some key features I love about the Bloom opt-in form WordPress plugin:

      • a variety of styles that are easy to customize (like in-line for blog posts and web pages, popups, and less intrusive corner slide-ins);
      • integrates easily with almost any Email Service Provider;
      • easy to add privacy policy message or disclaimer (you’ll want this for GDPR compliance);
      • simple to set up advanced features like delayed popup, display when scrolled through 80% of page, and my fave is triggered link popups like LeadBoxes (but oh, did I mention it’s FREE not a monthly fee, and easy to create Leadpages style landing pages with the Divi WordPress theme? )
      • replicate forms easily (and even share the templates, like I do with my web design clients)

      Fave Thing #9 - Opt-in Freebies and content upgrades

      When our inboxes started to overflow and the “you’ve got mail” excitement that Harry and Sally experienced disappeared, the next logical step in procuring email addresses in an effort to nurture relationships was to offer an ethical bribe or lead magnet (often called a freebie or freemium or free gift) in exchange for a subscriber’s email address.

      Ooh who doesn’t love free stuff… especially when it is highly valuable. Content marketing and education-based marketing are the cornerstones of creating an online business that not only satisfies Google (helps with SEO and getting you found in a Google search), but increases your authority, and attracts clients… deepening your connection, and leading to sales or collaborations.


      TIP: The best opt-in freebies are easy to consume, are actionable, and provide a quick result (ideally less than an hour including reading and implementing) and should tie in to or be a precursor to the services you offer.

      I have a short, actionable online course that walks you through step by step to plan out your opt-in freebie and the email follow up series – check it out here.

      Content upgrades are just a form of “targeted” freebie that often gives more information or tools on a specific topic, usually as a bonus free download that accompanies a blog post.

      Check out one of my fave blogs/podcasts Amy Porterfield to see some great content upgrades inside almost every blog post (podcast show notes) as well as opt-in freebies (free guides) on every page of her website.

      When you create your content marketing plan (Fave Thing # 8) it’s important to include a variety of freebies that add extra value and grow your email list (Fave Thing # 8), and these opt-in forms work best if presented in a variety of places and triggers on your website (blog sidebar, website footer, inside a blog post, as an exit intent popup or slide-in, and now it’s common to see as a full header section).

      Bloom is currently my fave opt-in tool (made by the Divi WordPress theme developer Elegant Themes) because it is easy to create beautiful intentional opt-in forms. 

      Fave Thing #10 - Email Marketing for List-building and client connection

       aEmail is not dead, although yes, it’s harder to get people to open your emails with the sheer volume of them in our inboxes but it’s still got a high ROI (return on investment) value for your business and can require some more creative writing (Fave # 2) to entice people to open up your email (Fave Thing #11). Emails are still a key priority creating top of mind awareness, developing a deeper connection by providing valuable insights and tips, and of course selling our products and services that will impact and transform our client’s lives. Email marketing ties in with Fave Thing #9 because typically someone lands on your email list by subscribing to join your newsletter and also receive some sort of free but valuable incentive like an ebook, worksheet, or checklist (Fave Think #6) in exchange for their email address. (Note: The May 2018 GDPR regulations in the EU now require more transparency – read more on GDPR with additional resources here.)

      To continue giving value and nurturing the relationship, an easy option is to create an automated sequence of “get to know you” emails alongside of your regular newsletters and special offers. ConvertKit * (affiliate link) is the email service provider I use because it’s reasonably priced and so easy to use (unlike, say Infusionsoft or Ontraport) to create forms and landing pages (you can even make different forms for different opt-in freebies or content upgrades), easy email sequences, automation workflows, and tag users for better segmentation. You can even sell your digital products like ebooks, journals, and courses with ConvertKit’s new ecommerce setup that is super easy even if you’re not techy!  

      The future of email (and other related services like Facebook Messenger Chatbots) lies in segmenting our lists, which means giving the right information to the right people, so more people will actually open and take action on what’s inside the message, and less people will unsubscribe. A few of my fave ConvertKit features are: easy to setup email sequences (you can create a welcome email to deliver your opt-in freebie, set filters to delay sending, or you can even deliver a free or paid course via daily email content); link triggers (perfect for “interested in” list segmentation or selected opt-outs which decrease unsubscribes); easy A/B testing for email subject lines; and resend to unopens with one click.

      Brenda Lainof | Abundance Strategist + Energy Practitioner - CLICK HERE to claim your free meditations
      For a great example of a high-value opt-in freebie that is a daily-delivered email course example AND it will help you grow your email list, sign up for Nathalie Lussier’s free but highly valuable 30 Day Listbuilding Challenge

      …and when you subscribe, you’ll see on her thank-you page she has a simple upsell offer once you sign up which is a good example of a smart little marketing system (aka funnel) that can make sales on auto-pilot.  {No need to purchase, just a little FYI how you can make a little offer too.}

      Carla Necole Williams - Click here to claim your gift
      Other Video Tools + Resources:

      • Create beautiful video montages, social videos or video ads with tools like , or on your smartphone you can use collage app PicPlayPost for a photo-video combo to use on social media. 
      • Gifs are perfect for social sharing, or to use on a sales page, newsletter or blog post. You can easily create fun text-based or image-based gifs using  graphic design templates in Canva or Easil, then simply upload to your fave social network or blog post. And if you just want to find the right gif for any occasion, is the go-to resource for 1000s of gifs and memes. Oh, and now gifs are accessible right inside Facebook messenger chats too. 
      • Social videos and Instagram Stories templates – an easy way to create beautiful videos is use a pre-designed template so pop up to Fave Thing #6 where I shared places to find gorgeous templates (some are free!)


      Fave Thing #11: Videos + Video Creation Tools

      First there was YouTube (which Google smartly purchased in 2006) … and then technology and tools advanced rapidly, along with the introduction of new social networks, to allow everyday users to harness the power of video for business and marketing. 

      Anyone can now create public video broadcasts (innovated by Hangouts On Air, then Periscope, Facebook Live, IGTV, and even Instagram and Facebook Stories…and most recently Instagram Reels); easily create professional looking videos  with screensharing apps and software to record and edit tutorials; and record quickly and easily with low-cost DSLRs, web-cams and Smartphones.

      Here are a couple of my fave video tools + platforms:

      • Recorded videos: The easiest place to start with video is recording it, so you can practice (or delete) before uploading them. I recommend uploading tips or tutorial videos directly to Facebook (natively as opposed to sharing a YouTube link in a post), as well as to YouTube (which is a search engine) so you can take advantage of both types of traffic. For recording + editing tutorial videos where you need to also show your desktop screen, I love the ease and simplicity of Screenflow for Mac (or try Camtasia for PC), or you could use Zoom for free (yes, you can record just you, without being in a video conversation with anyone else!).  If you are using screenshare video to communicate a quick message, Loom or Viewedit/Vidyard are two useful Chrome extensions. You could also record “talking head” videos with tips or strategy on Zoom using your webcam, or on your Smartphone or SLR, and edit in Screenflow/Camtasia or using the free iMovie on a Mac (and iMove app is even easier to use when you need to edit videos that you record right from your iPhone).
      • Live videos: If you are confident on camera then live video such as Facebook Live is a good way to dive in. There’s no editing, which can be a time-saving way to get your message out, increase visibility, and build authority with tips and strategies. There’s also the added benefit of getting comments in real-time, or you can come back later to reply to comments from the “replay”, since FB Lives live where recorded (either on your Facebook page, personal profile, or in a Facebook group). Record directly on Facebook or use a third party app like BeLive or StreamYard to increase functionality such as screensharing, call-outs, or interview format.


      Fave Thing #12 - Podcasts + Audiobooks that Inspire or teach

      I used to share my fave ⁣📖 books I’ve read or are on my “next to read” bookshelf but I’ve become addicted to audiobooks 🎧. So easy to listen on the go (makes the times stuck in traffic or washing the dishes much more bearable.)

      >>> Did you know you can get a free book (or two) when you try out or And some local libraries even have free audiobooks to lend too. ⁣

      Current podcasts I regularly listen to (I have a bunch more that I pick and choose when someone recommends or something I newly discover).

      • Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield – one of my go-to faves for actionable tips and insightful interviews about everytying you need to run an successful online business: email list building, creating online coures, webinars, sales pages, copywriting, Facebook, and entrepreneurial mindset. And I love that on her website each episode has a Show Notes post with list of resources, related blogs, and often a special download to add even more value
      •  Dare to Grow show with Sarah Morgan at – I love how she packs useful tips and strategies into short 11-20 minute episodes that are actionable, and how relatable and transparent Sarah is about what she’s tried and what works. She’s got a fun no BS attitude, with tips on being a solopreneur, and growing your business with Instagram and creating digital products and courses.
      • Another long time fave is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast, with tips and interviews on everything from affiliate marketing to ebooks to courses, and mindset hacks too.
      • Another newly discovered fave podcast is Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller – perfect if you’re reading his book by the same name, or want to add more “storyselling” magic to your writing and speacking
      • 2 of my other faves that are no longer being recorded are:
        • Todd Herman – really interesting insightful interview series
        • Big Magic podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert – beautiful and inspirational, with insightful interviews and interesting guests adding different perspectives on living a creative life

      ➡➡➡What’s on your current reading or listening list? 📕
      🎙What are your fave podcasts?


      Brenda Lainof | Abundance Strategist + Energy Practitioner - CLICK HERE to claim your free meditations

      Current audiobooks in my playlist are:
      ✨Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
      🌳Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown
      💖 A Paris Apartment
      📚Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller

      …bonus – are you in the middle of a great series of books? Maybe you’re bingeing or you’re eagerly awaiting the next novel to be release?


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