Powerful  Words = Powerful  Action

{My gift to you for manifesting a successful year in 2020.}

How to Create Your Own Manifesto – your #12FavesOfChristmas gift!


Creating a manifesto is a great way to focus yourself, or your business, or your goals.

So I thought this would be the perfect gift to help you manifest your best year yet in 2020!


What is it about this time of year that makes us pensive and turn our thoughts inward?

Is it the New Year with its promise of a fresh start and endless possibilities?


I was thinking about “brand me” and trying to write a revised “About Me” section for my website. And how to incorporate more of a storytelling sense than simply “here is where I studied, here are my job credentials, blah blah blah.“ BORING with a capital B.



Then I had the idea that I could write my own manifesto. This is what I came up with.


Manifesto with inspirational phrases in different colours and font sizes


What is a Manifesto?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines manifesto as:

a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer


Yes, “declaring publicly” is an important part of manifesting anything. We accomplish our goals more easily when we are held accountable. Whether it’s saving money for a trip, quitting smoking, losing weight, attracting more dream clients, going to the gym, or making a 6-figure income in our business. Tell someone. Announce it to the world. Then set out to do it. {More on easily achieving your goals in another blog post!}


Then I noticed the phrase “Manifest Destiny” in the related words section.

Hmmm. Manifest Destiny. I love it.


Getting Down to Business.

At first there was a pervasive little inner voice that said “you can’t do that. What if the design is all wrong? What if those 2 fonts don’t go together. It will just look dumb. Some graphic designer will come along and criticize it.”

I ignored that little voice and just started dumping ideas.

Then rearranging the sentences.

Adding colour and changing the font size and spacing.

…and in a short time  I came up with my “I am the Hero of my Own Story ” manifesto. {It’s at the top of this post in case you missed it ;0) }


I’m pleased with the results. No one else has to like it.

OK, it would be cool if they did, but it’s really for me. To inspire me. To think about how my own journey, and how my background and experience can help people. And how it makes me a unique and integral part of my own brand.


Here are some more examples to inspire you…


Do you want to create your own manifesto?

{Of course you do, or you wouldn’t still be reading, would you?}

It’s easy (really!).

I’ve created a video to help you, plus I’ve outlined the steps below.




Use this link to watch the video if you can’t see the video player: http://youtu.be/7bBLnk-f3wQ

In 6 easy steps and less than an hour, you will create your own powerful manifesto

… even if you don’t feel like you’re creative (just let your inner child out to play!)

To create your own manifesto you will need:

  • In this tutorial I’ll be using PowerPoint (or Keynote on a Mac or Google Slides online) but you could easily use Canva, PicMonkey, Easil, Adobe Photoshop (any version of Creative Suite), Adobe Photoshop Elements (a simplified version of Photoshop Creative Suite), or another design or photo-editing software.
  • Your idea.
  • To be creative and judgement-free.


Here is a simplified list of steps from the video:

1. Do a brain dump of 8-12 sentences. (I created a new slide in PowerPoint, but you can use a new slide in Canva or even a fresh Word doc).

Use power words. Be honest.


If you’re stuck, try these to start:

I can….

I will…

My best…

My worst…

My biggest desires…

My BFHG (big fat hairy goal) is …

I’m awesome at …

I love to ….

I feel _______ (amazing, joyful, successful, peaceful, etc) when I _______ (spend quality  time with my family; save money to buy myself a gift for reaching my goal; when I help my clients achieve their goals; etc)



2. Put a star beside your 3 strongest statements.


3. Duplicate the slide. Then copy and paste your 1 powerful sentence in the middle of the new blank slide. This is your anchor text, your power statement, and it might help to think of that as the title.


4. Now start playing around. Make the font larger. Maybe just one word larger, or bold, or change the colour. Make the key word stand out. Rearrange the other words in the statement in a pleasing way. You can use the alignment and spacing tools, or even added spaces, to make your words fill the text box or stretch across the page.


5. Repeat with other statements to fill the page.


6. Share it with the world! Add it to a blog post. Upload it to Facebook.  Use it as wallpaper on your computer. Print it out.



Where to use your awesome new manifesto:

Your website’s “About” section, in a blog post for new year, on Facebook, as wallpaper on your computer or smartphone.

Print it out and post it where you can see it every day.


Now go ahead and get started.


What are you waiting for? Manifest your destiny!


I can’t wait to see your finished Manifestos, so tweet it out or share on Instagram (be sure to include the hashtag #12FavesOfChristmas so I can find it and check it out) and share it with the world!



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