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I’d love to hear from you.   If you want to start a short and sweet relationship, best place to hangout out with me is online. Mostly on Facebook. Sometimes on Google+. Yes, I do Twitter too. And even LinkedIn.

Ready to get started on your website? I’m prepping a quick + easy online form, but for now, just shoot me a message below.

If you want to book me to speak at your event, or have me as guest to interview on your podcast or Hangout on Air, please include details in the contact form:


  • your website URL
  • what your online show, conference or event is about
  • who your target market is
  • how I can help teach your audience
  • why you think I’d be a good fit
  • dates/times
  • if it’s a free gig or paid keynote (and how much)
  • what you’d like me to do to help promote your event if I’m a speaker

Just so you know, I’m a great guest speaker (if I do say so myself). You don’t just get my expertise on social media marketing, Hangouts on Air, collaborative social networking, visual marketing (video or graphics for your business), or other such topics … but I am ah-ma-zing at making YOU look good. That’s right. I interact and engage well with other guests, both on-air (Hangouts, podcasts, telesummits) and in person (panel of experts). I  also feel it’s a guest speaker’s obligation to help create buzz about the event, promote it via social networks or email marketing, answer questions after the event on your social networks, and even create value-added bonuses for your audience like a free gift (ebook, YouTube playlist, whatever seems appropriate for your peeps). How’s that for WIIFM value? Want some examples? View my Meet Your Maker food conference blog post or my guest appearance on Celebrity Hangouts on Air with Debbie Horovitch, or on Pat Flynn’s Breakthrough Blogging series.   If you’re asking to “pick my brain”… the answer is “probably not” – You can find lots of my free tips and tutorial videos here and here.   Yes, I’m pretty straight-talkin’ so if you feel like we’re a good fit to work together, then go ahead and shoot me a message.

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